How To Find Free Images To Use On Your Website Or Blog

It is quite obvious that images create a better impact on the onlookers than plain text. Using relevant and attractive images is therefore the key to generating traffic and keeping them interested about your online presence. There are however restrictions on what type of images you can use for your website or blog. You need to know how to find free images that you can use without worrying about violating copyright laws.

Copyright Issues i.e., images that have already been used by others or are the ownership of someone, cannot be used by you on your website. But since using images is so important you need to know ways of using them without having to face copyright issues.
Using images from
Getty Images is a huge provider of still images and illustrations that are highly attractive. If you are wondering how to find free images to use check out their website. Previously you had to buy the license of the images from their website to use them on your website or blog. But Getty has recently made as many as 35 million Getty images available for free for all. Many more will be made available to all very soon. All you need to do is visit their website ( and search for the photo that you like. Once you find it, click on it and look for the embed symbol underneath the photo. Once you click on that symbol you will get a code which you can use to display the image on your website or blog.
Using images from
A website from Yahoo, Flickr enables uploading and sharing of images. Using their advanced search features, you can easily look for images as per your choice. Flickr enables searching of images on the basis of their license. All you need to do is go the advanced search of Flickr and type in the keywords for search images. Steps are very simple and all you have to do is select options according to your needs. Make sure you check the option that says “Find content to use commercially”. When you use the images on your website or blog keep in mind to place a link that relates back to the original image.
Using FreePhotosBank
FreePhotosBank is yet another website where from you can download and use images for your website or blog. The images available in here are posted by both Free Photos and individuals.
Using MorgueFile
MorgueFile photos can be used for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes. The search feature incorporated is quite easy and following of instructions makes the work very simple for you.
Using Google
Last but in no way the least, is that has brought in the advanced feature in its image search options called “Usage Rights”. Go to google images and type in the keywords for the image you require. Once the search results have arrived click on the option “Search Tools” that will bring down another options bar just underneath of it. There is an option called “Usage Rights” in that newly visible set of options and once you click on it a set of options appear in a drop down list. All you do is click on the option as per your requirement and Google will provide you with images that fall under that category.
Images are of prime importance if you wish to build traffic to your website or blog. Avoiding copyright issues are also important and hence using images that are devoid of these, even if it involves certain amount hard work, is absolutely necessary.

How To Find Free Images To Use On Your Website Or Blog


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