Google Pigeon Roll Out To Exclude India

Google’s Local ranking algorithm Pigeon has started its further roll out. Google Pigeon, which debuted in the USA in the month of July, had proved to be an effective tool of the search engine. With its efficiency checked in the US market, Google is now extending its operations in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Google had remained tightlipped for sometime of this roll out. BrightLocal, a UK agency first spotted the Pigeon functionality. This triggered Google official to announce, “I can confirm that this update has rolled out to the UK, Canada and Australia.”

With this roll out local retailers are bracing themselves up for what could turn out to be great for some.

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Google Pigeon was initially launched to provide users with a more refined and relevant local search result. This algorithm is more affinitive towards traditional web ranking metrics.

Major region

As mentioned earlier, Pigeon has already rolled out in the UK, Canada and Australia. Google intends to extend the local search algorithm to all major English speaking regions. However, India has been excluded from this rollout as for now.


Google Pigeon Update

Any search algorithm, when introduced, greatly affects websites throughout the globe. The regular rollouts of Google algorithms – PenguinPandaHummingbird and Pigeon has improved the quality of sites. Penalizing spam sites and reducing visibility of low quality sites has upgraded the display of quality sites in search engine results page.

However local marketers had thought that Google might roll out Pigeon after the holidays. The sudden rollout has greatly affected local marketers.


While searchers have greatly benefitted from Google Pigeon, it is the marketers who are affected. With increased and accurate information at hand, search results are more relevant.

According to a survey conducted by InsideLocal, around 58% of marketers plan to alter their online marketing and promotional strategy. And while 28% of the local marketers has profited from Google Pigeon, 37% has lost huge traffic and 53% of the marketers feel that Pigeon is or can be bad for their business. This data however was from the US region where Google Pigeon had its initial roll out.

Google Pigeon roll out will continue for sometimes now. It is to see, how it affects the global market and how marketers and users benefit from this new algorithm.


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