Blogging Tweaks That Will Make A Big Difference To Your Website

Blogging is a hard task and facing so much competition makes it even harder. With a vast number of blogs available on each topic, it is difficult even for blogs with good quality of content to outshine among others. However, there are a few little blogging tweaks which you can follow to make a difference.

Know these blogging tweaks will help your site get more number of visits:
Get an email list already
Ask any serious blogger the biggest blogging mistake they’ve made. All of them will tell you the same thing. Their biggest regret is failing to set up an email list as soon as they started their blog.
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These days, you can’t hide behind any excuses. Money isn’t an issue, nor is the difficulty of setting up a list. Mailchimp is free if your email list is under 2,000 subscribers, while you can try out AWeber for just $1.
Adding a sign up form to the side bar of your blog is simply a case of copying and pasting some HTML code. You’ve gone as far as setting up a blog, so you can surely manage that. There are blogging tweaks for sure to help you.
Blogging tweaks – Learn the art of speedwriting
Blogging is all about content. The faster you can write, the more you can write. The more you write, the more content you produce. The more content you produce, the quicker you’ll attract readers.
If you want to write a blog, write like you speak. The typical person speaks at around 100 words a minute, so if you talk a blog post, you can be done in just five minutes. Of course, not everyone can type that fast, and you’ll need to do a little editing, but there’s no reason you can’t start and finish a typical 500-word blog post in less than 30 minutes.
Remember SEO
nteresting Blogging Tweaks
Who wants to worry about keywords when all you really want to do is write?
This is definitely one of the blogging tweaks you should try: instead of fretting over keywords before you write, write your blog post first. Write from your heart. Then, when you’re done, add an SEO friendly headline, sub-headlines, and metadata. You can also tweak your first paragraph to be SEO friendly if you like.
Writing first then mixing in the SEO later will help you keep the inspiration and ideas flowing, and stops you from getting blocked. At the same time, paying some attention to SEO ensures your blog has fresh readers coming in every day.
Build a community
Good blogs are about a charismatic individual. Bloggers, by the power of their personality and writing style, can attract a wide following.
Great blogs are about a community. If your blog is a community, your readers will spread the word about your blog. Your readers will feel invested in what you’re doing, and connected to other readers.
How do you build a community? By engaging with your readers. Talk to your readers on Twitter. Reply to comments on your Facebook Page. Ask questions. Most importantly, reply to any comments on your blog, and leave comments on your readers’ blogs.
Go self-hosted
Another of blogging tweaks! This isn’t exactly a tiny tweak, as it can cost up to $100 a year for a self-hosted blog, plus you’ve got the hassle of moving all your blog posts from your current blog to its new location. But, this surely is one of the blogging tweaks you would want.
However, with support from WordPress, moving your blog could hardly be easier. And with most hosting providers, getting WordPress up and going is as simple as a one-click install.
Once you go self-hosted, you’ll never look back. You’ll wonder how you managed without all the themes and plug-ins that are available to self-hosted bloggers. Even if you only go self-hosted to remove ads from your blog, it’s worth it in terms of reader experience.

Blogging Tweaks That Will Make A Big Difference To Your Website


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