LinkedIn Usability For Businesses And Companies

Companies can use LinkedIn to promote their products and services and engage prospects. As it’s a network for professionals, LinkedIn is ideal for B2B companies looking to reach out to potential customers and even those targeting mainstream consumers can benefit. Today we are going to discuss LinkedIn usability for companies and businesses.

LinkedIn undoubtedly caters to your business making it all the more lucrative while increasing the presence of your website in social media.
Here is a list of few best ways to engage on LinkedIn:
Complete your company profile
Completing your profile is the first step to increase your LinkedIn usability. However, it isn’t really a way to stand out. Rather, it’s a way to avoid standing out for the wrong reasons. An empty profile makes your company look amateur. If you can’t even take a few minutes to fill out a simple LinkedIn profile, how can your customers trust you to give your best to other tasks?
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Post regular updates
Keeping your feed frequently updated should be at the heart of your LinkedIn usability strategy. That’s because a regularly updated feed engages your followers, attracts new followers, and keeps you highlighted among your customers. So when they need your products or services, you’ll be the company they think of.
With BufferApp you can even schedule your LinkedIn feed ahead of time. So there are no excuses. As with all updates across all social media channels, what your share on LinkedIn should matter to your customers.
Go head-hunting
Need to vitalize your company with new talent? LinkedIn is the place to go to find scores of candidates hungry for the job you have to offer. Find the person you need with job post listings, or dive in and search through profiles, contacting ideal candidates with an InMail.
LinkedIn is well-known as a network for job hunters, which is why this strategy is so effective. To give top talent the best opportunity to engage, make sure you’ve completed the careers tab of your LinkedIn company page.
LinkedIn Usability Features
Grow your network
LinkedIn groups are ideal for meeting new people and learning new things. They’re just like business conferences, but you can attend them from the comfort of your desk, and they run 24/7.
With over a million groups to choose from, it won’t take you long to find a group that matches your interests. Head over to the groups directory and see what you discover. Don’t be shy to jump in and join the conversation.
Reach out to thought leaders
This is another LinkedIn usability. Every group shows the top influencers for the week. These are the people whose opinion matters. Take note of who these people are.Once you’ve discovered who the thought leaders are, you’re ready to start building a relationship with them. To start out, you should never suggest that they become your customer or promote your product. Before you can do any of that, you must build trust.
The best way to reach out is by asking questions. Drop them an email letting them know you’d like to pick their brains. Ask one or two questions. And ask questions that you’re genuinely interested in finding the answer to.
Collect recommendations
Just like individual profiles on LinkedIn, Companies can receive recommendations on products and services. These are a great form of social proof. When prospects see you’ve done a great job helping others, they’ll conclude you’ll do a great job of helping them too.
Explore LinkedIn usability to benefit your website. Whenever you’ve delivered on your promises with a customer and you know they’re delighted with how you’ve helped them, ask them to leave a recommendation on your LinkedIn page. These recommendations are multi-purpose, as there’s nothing to stop you taking screenshots of the recommendations and using them as testimonials on your website.
Make the most of your products/services tab
Expand your LinkedIn usability. If people checking out your company on LinkedIn have made it to your products page, then they’re seriously interested in what you have to offer.
All you must do is make them an offer they can’t refuse. Instead of selling, use this as an opportunity to foster a relationship. Feature your products on your products page but also offer a product report for free in exchange for their email address. That provides a low risk way for them to find out more. And it generates a lead for you.

LinkedIn Usability For Businesses And Companies


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