Best Testimonial Questions For Web Development Marketing

A testimonial forms an important part in marketing a product especially if it is an intangible one. A written word by an existing customer is attributed as something more dependable than display ads and posts by you. Testimonial questions that are asked needs to be methodical and placed wisely.

For online customers, testimonials serve as an example for prospective customers. This clientele tends to judge your work based on the testimonials that you post on your site. It provides them with reviews and that generally paint a rosy picture of your services before your customers. Testimonial questions are also a source of recommendation based on which customers tend to undertake prospective business decision.

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Ask for testimonials

While there is no harm asking for testimonials, never approach a customer directly for it. Never give your customers an impression that you are desperate for a testimonial. Hence create a set of testimonial questions placing them skillfully in front of your customers that gets you with a compelling testimonial while preventing you from looking desperate.

Below are a set of exemplary testimonial questions that you can use for your testimonials.

1. Why us?

You always market your site promoting it in various platforms so that you get more and more customers. However, you are not alone in the competition. There are always companies competing against you. Hence you need to know why your customers choose you. This testimonial question would benefit you by providing you with your Unique Selling Point from the customer’s point of view.

2. Did we meet expectation?

Best Testimonial Questions

One crucial testimonial question that you always seek to be answered by your customers is whether you have successfully delivered what they wanted. Never pester your customer with this question. Keep your inquisitiveness to the minimum. Ask them once or twice but not more than that. If your customer does not reply or gives a very lame response, you should better understand that he/she is not quite satisfied with your work. A happy and satisfied customer will always be ready to give you a positive testimonial.

3. Did You Enjoy?

Your customers form a part of your work. While you enjoy creating a website for them, their participation and involvement is equally important. Making the entire period of business interactive and enjoyable is important. Satisfied clients would be more than happy to share their experience in the open forum. While replying to this testimonial question, they publicize their own site as well as promote your services.

4. Would you recommend us?

Recommendation forms an important part of marketing where promotion takes place through word of mouth. A satisfied customer would always recommend his friends and family of your services. Recommendations play an important part in the psychology of consumers. While it highlights your services, it also stakes the integrity of the recommender. Hence your customer would want you to deliver the best of your services to the new customer.

5. Any suggestions?    

Always be open to suggestions. Innovative ideas in the form of suggestions often prove to be beneficial. Though most of the suggestions will not be quite fruitful, there would sometimes arise some ideas that if implemented, will deliver great results for your business. You will also be able to understand whether your piece of work can be improved and where the improvement is required.

Testimonials are valuable posts that can help generate newer customers. This performs as one of the best and cheapest marketing tool. It is easy to use and is a powerful tool of promotion. However when you post testimonials, try to avoid editing posts sent by your customers. Dedicating an entire section for your testimonials can be beneficial as well. You can also include a small snippet of a testimonial in the homepage of your site. Testimonials have great impact on your bottom line and will be worthwhile on the initial expenses.


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