Google Rolls Store Visit Metric To Analyze Conversion

Google has rolled out yet another analysis tool, the Store Visits metric, connecting search ads with in-store traffic. The new metric will now calculate the total online search and the total estimated conversion from the clicks.

Ecommerce has become a major mode of purchase. Though physical shopping still accounts much higher than online shopping, ecommerce is gradually gaining grounds. It has been observed that even offline purchasers sometimes tend to do online research of products before a purchase. These purchasers can be easily converted to online shoppers.

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Smartphones and Store Visits Metric

Smartphones are now the major interactive platform for shoppers. As more and more shoppers are using their smartphones to do their online shopping, the need of the hour for marketers is creation of strong advertisement that would pull in viewers. The new Store Visit metric from Google would allow advertisers to estimate the total conversion that would generate revenue from the traffic to a website.

The approach

Google Store Visits Metric

The Store Visits metric has a very simple approach. The metric is mainly determined by the location proximity of a store advertised online and the searcher’s location looking of the relevant store. Google stores these search data for a period of 30 days. The estimation and analysis is done based on the online search of a product or service for the past 30 days. The analysis also takes into account the physical footfall of buyers in the store along with the number of clicks on the product online.

An interested marketer needs to get registered with Google and verify the store location to get the metrics and estimates. The metric however only records the number of visits made. It does not record the actual purchases.

Googler says

Director of Product Management for Mobile Search Ads, Surojit Chatterjee said, “This feature has been carefully designed to keep data private and secure.  We never provide anyone’s actual location to advertisers.” Google has been accused several times of privacy violation. This time, however, Google plans to provide advertisers with user insights without revealing their private data.


Advertisers who would be best utilizing this Store Visits metric will include big retail chains with multiple stores spread throughout. Google will be expanding this store visit metric releasing it globally only if advertisers show genuine interest. However the only metric that can analyze its efficiency is the increase in revenue. Once retailers show interest, Google plans to introduce it to other services industries like hotels, theatres etc. as well.


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