Can You Guess The Future Of Digital Marketing?

The advent of social media and smart phones has caused information overload. Businesses are realizing the need for getting picked by the potential clients by standing out from all the online noise. As customers are presented with unlimited choice, they are getting more and more selective about the quality of content they want to indulge in. Hence it is a no-brainer that your content needs to be the most appealing and reliable to take you to success. Considering this fact, the future of digital marketing can be predicted.

Previously the SEO agencies had lots of opportunities during the early days of search engines as Google could be easily cheated with a bunch of keywords and bad links. A few tactics could get them quick results and these half good SEO agencies milked these tactics to the maximum.

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But this will not be the case anymore as Google has become more alert in providing only quality content to its consumers. The Pandas and Penguin updates released by Google now and then ensure bad content and poor SEO gets disqualified.  Traditional SEO agencies will not be able to keep up with the rigid restrictions and hence companies will move towards better options. Hence, predicting the future of digital marketing is not that tough!

The list below shows the future of digital marketing as it can be predicted:

Development of inbound marketing campaigns

Once businesses realize that Google cannot be cheated, they will definitely look for authentic inbound marketing campaigns or give in to heavy competition. As no one wants to be on the losing side, inbound methodologies will prosper and continue to flourish.

A massive shift towards lead nurturing from conventional email marketing

Email marketing is an effective strategy but as everyone keeps on sending mails in bulk customers can only frown when they see a huge number of unread marketing mails waiting for them in their inbox.

This does not just add more to the consumer’s inbox but untargeted mass mailing can be hurting your campaign too.

Predictable Future Of Digital Marketing

That’s why the trend is gearing towards a lead nurturing strategy where in a strong relationship is nurtured with potential clients. This can be done by building yourself a useful online profile and by branding your company. This will make the potential consumer trust you more when you put up something for sale. This undeniably shows the future of digital marketing.

Lead nurturing is a foresighted strategy that will give you a strong online presence and position.

New ranking metrics

Keywords have lost their first place in being the top most attractions to rank higher in Google results. Google tends to favor the following factors instead

1. Social interaction

2. Frequency and quality of fresh content

3. Website interaction

Google always tries its best to give only the best to its users. Hence it rightly considers the above factors to be more appropriate in determining the page rankings, also making clear the future of digital marketing.

Increased focus on website design and targeted landing pages

Creating a lasting impression of your brand requires an efficient design of your website and targeted landing pages. There are so many tools and services available that help you with designing unique, creative and impactful websites. Make no excuse for a poor design as customers will not go easy on sloppy sites. Keeping up with the current trends and giving importance to landing pages will have great influence on how people think about your brand. As companies have come to realize this, they have started to pay more attention to their online image hence securing the future of digital marketing


Digital marketing has undergone several changes especially since the entry of Pandasand Penguins from Google. Ancient SEO techniques will only result in failure and loss of time and energy. Keep up with the changing pace of technology and deliver quality content with the help of inbound techniques to ensure a promising future of digital marketing.


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