Social Media Marketing Tactics You Should Know

Holiday season has set in and every digital marketing record is waiting to be broken. Marketers are driven with the sole objective of driving more sales. While online retail figures and sales will be better than the rest of the year and digital marketers feel pleased more than ever, the reality will be that about 95 % of banks will only have a lump of coal left in their stockings. That’s because they failed to make use of the holiday social opportunity to the maximum. If you are considering some growth for your business this holiday season, do take care of your social media marketing tactics.

Although companies are increasingly getting more social for drive sales, only a few have actually managed to use these channels efficiently. Only the 5% that truly wins in social marketing is able to shine because they understand the key strategic hurdle which is the fact that consumers don’t want to be marketed to on social. For instance, Facebook users want to be entertained, given something of value whether it is a free offer, a small humor relief or a perfect product. Hence, you should follow certain social media marketing tactics for better results.

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The only way to deliver this value consistently is by capturing the word of mouth (also called ‘earned social’) and incorporating it with your social marketing efforts.

Given below are six social media marketing tactics:

What’s being shared?

Identify what the customers want and the products that you are already gaining via earned social. This can be a tedious task as there are millions of products and you may not have an idea about where to start. But have no worries as most of the sharing seems to be concentrated on a small number of products. Each retailer has at most 10 products that contribute to almost 50 % of the total shares.

What is being shared and purchased?

USeful Social Media Marketing Tactics

Just because something is shared does not mean it is purchased. The second step to be taken is to determine if the shared items are purchased. Only half of shared products get purchased and it is essential to know what got purchased and what did not. One of the effective social media marketing tactics!

Reward sharing and encourage

Once you have identified the star products that are driving sales, package them as the most wanted products and make it possible to make them easily shareable. Give incentives and rewards to your customers to instigate more sharing via social.

Harness earned social

Now you have identified the products that get you the maximum of earned sharing. The next thing you have to do is share them yourself. Create imageries and compelling posts on these products that make it easy for users to share them. This is like placing bet on something that you know will surely win. These products are known to convert well and hence they will produce three times better revenue when shared to owned channels compared to products with no previous earned social success.


Do your best to amplify your earned social by making it easy to share your promotions. Make emotional content that humanizes your brand and elicit emotional response. If your content can touch people’s hearts and affect them emotionally you are on the way to success. Encourage your fans to spread your word. This is surely one of the social media marketing tactics to follow.

Deploy social ads intelligently

Pinpoint your targets and devise your social media marketing tactics based on the target audience. Start with custom email lists, building lookalike audiences, demographic-specific targeting. Focused targeting drives the highest number of sales and so prioritize your customers with the help of earned social. Utilize your social drivers to build lookalike audiences and learn from your social tracking to create more ads for products that can convert well. Custom audience targeting increases your sales almost 10 times.

Measure your earned social, devise correct social media marketing tactics, and make use of the information to emerge as the true winner of the holiday season.


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