Asus Zenfone Max Review : Battery Life Extended. No Compromise With Design And Aesthetics

Asus Zenfone Max Review

Do you feel like charging your smartphone everyday? Most of us dread it. Say, one day you forget to charge it in a hurry and then your phone dies in the middle of the day. If you do not carry your charger with you, you are going to be in the pit. This is the main reason why smartphone companies all over are focusing on this aspect more than anything else. Asus Zenfone Max is the latest addition to the world of smartphones that boasts of extended battery lives like Gionee Marathon M5 and Lenovo Vibe P1. Its 5,000 mAh battery absolutely leaves no scope for complaint. And furthermore, this smartphone also does not bankrupt you. It is available at a very low price compared to the other phones that boast of the same capabilities.

Asus Zenfones all look alike and it will be very hard to determine the slight differences in aesthetics. This is a good thing if you see it from the perspective of budget users who can show off their budget smartphones merrily as they do not look much different from the premium ones. The 5.5 inch IPS Zenfone Max features 1.2Ghz quad core Snapdragon 410 processor, 2 GB RAM, 16GB storage,microSD card slot, 13 Megapixel camera equipped with laser autofocus and 5 Megapixel front camera. It also supports 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 all on anAndroid 5.0 platform. The Zenfone 2 series was good and acceptable except its curved back design and short battery life. Hence, in Zenfone Max, Asus remembered to omit these two shortcomings to provide maximum convenience to all its loyal consumers. Let us now discuss the various features, pros and cons of the new Asus Zenfone Max so that you can decide whether to buy it or not.


Battery life of Asus Zenfone Max

Smartphone companies all over the world have been working diligently on how to extend battery life without making the phone bulky and lumpy. Already Gioneeand Lenovo have launched their battery emphasized Marathon M5 and Vibe P1 but what Zenfone Max has done is to provide the same experience without increasing the costs too much. The Zenfone Max flaunts a 5,000mAh battery at budget rates. This is a huge boon to all those Zenfone users who were disappointed with the experience of Zenfone 2 series. The only compromise is the increase in weight but it is quite negligible as compared to the benefits of an extended battery life.

Screen color modes to give rest to your eyes

Asus ZenFone Max Review

With a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels, the 5.5 inch Zenfone Max has screen color modes and filters that you can adjust and alter from time to time. Generally, the color mode is on the warmer side unlike the Zenfone 2 series which flaunts a full HD resolution. The fact that you can actually alter the color temperature is a boon given that your eyes get some rest as and when required.

Laser autofocus giving high clarity images

The 13MP PixelMaster camera that Zenfone Max carries has qualities that you will simply feel proud of. The f/2.0 aperture lens is responsible for top grade high resolution images while the super fast laser autofocus enhances image clarity. The resultant is high quality dashingly stabilized images with minimum blurring. The low light mode uses pixel merging technology to get brighter images without the need of flash. The Backlight mode helps you to take pictures in shadows while the Super Resolution mode increases the resolution of images to about 52 MP. Pretty amazing, eh?

The cons of Asus Zenfone Max

In spite of the several enhancements, there are some shortcomings of the new Asus Zenfone Max that have been mentioned in the following points:

  • Most consumers complain about the unnecessary pre-installed apps that take up much of memory space. You can uninstall some to save space but the others linger on whether you like them or not.
  • The battery is good no doubt, but the charging speed is low.
  • The Snapdragon 410 processor is of low quality
  • Due to the heavy 5,000mAh battery, the phone feels quite weighty (202 grams)
  • It does not support HDMI or MHL Out

Apart from these disadvantages, the Asus Zenfone Max is quite a game.

So you see although Asus Zenfone Max is mostly all about the battery, yet it has several other features that you can happily show off. So, are you planning to choose this battery optimized budget Zenfone as your next Smartphone companion? Let us know your opinions about the new Asus Zenfone Max and which of its features appealed to you the most. Write your comments in the section provided below. Have a marvelous day!


Know If Your City Gets An Earthquake With The Amazing MyShake App

Amazing MyShake App

In case of an earthquake, even few seconds matter. So, what can you possibly do if you knew that tremors are coming your way within 40 seconds or so? Obviously, you will move to safer location, right? Well the new and amazing MyShake app helps you to do that. It detects seismic tremors and helps you to more to a safer place. Also, you can warn someday in the earthquake prone area so that they are saved from the aftershocks that follows a massive earthquake. It won’t be much of a help if the earthquake has already taken place but then again, you will know what’s coming next with the help of the app.

The amazing MyShake app is available at Google Play Store for free. It has been developed by the Berkeley scientists at the University of California and they feel that it will be very useful to everybody living in Earthquake prone areas one day. The app doesn’t take up vibrations caused by the slamming of doors or thumping of tables. They give out alerts only in case of seismic vibrations. At present, the app will record and collect data associated with seismic vibrations and send them over to the Seismological laboratory at Berkeley to analyze them and warn people. The app developer Richard Allen acknowledges the fact that the app can never replace the contribution of seismic networks but, what it can do is to increase the potential of the Earthquake alert systems.


According to Allen, 300 users within 1000 square kilometers are needed to get authentic data from an earthquake. In countries like Nepal, there may not be enough seismic technology but making this amazing MyShake app available for mobile phones can issue alerts and warn people of any given area that an earthquake may be on its way.

Amazing MyShake App For Android

Researches and surveys show that people of these countries mostly have Android phones. Hence the first version of the amazing MyShake app is backed by an Android system so that they can use it and issue earthquake alerts successfully. He also stressed on the fact that the data from mobile phones require only one seismic station to trigger before an alert is issued. So that makes the process faster and people can indeed get some help.

How does the amazing MyShake app works?

The app records earthquake measuring above 5.0 on the Richter scale. It uses the phone’s accelerometers to detect vibrations, record them and send them over to the Seismological laboratory to analyze and send off alerts. The developers say that all of this takes merely a second and you will get about 40 seconds to secure yourselves and people around you. However, the developers are still working on these features and it will take some time before they are successfully implemented. For now, you can use the app to record data and also share pieces of historical information regarding major earthquakes.

Imagine what would have happened if this amazing MyShake app was available when Nepal got hit by the massive earthquake in 2015?

People would have stayed away from tall buildings
They would have sheltered themselves in time to save their lives
They would not have died so suddenly and ignorantly
Damage due to aftershocks could have been stalled

So you see, such an app is indeed necessary in earthquake prone areas to warn more people and save more lives. When the app is in full swing, you can use it to run to a place where there are no tall buildings or if you are inside a room, you can duck and get under a bed or your study desk to save yourselves from the quake. What do you think about the amazing MyShake app? Let us know in details in the comments section below. You can even write to us regarding the benefits of such an app that can detect seismic vibrations. Have a safe day!


India Says No To Apple’s iPhone Recycle Plan

iPhone Recycle Plan

Apple’s plan of selling refurbished iPhones in India has met with denial from the Indian Telecommunications ministry. The US tech giant was planning to expand its market share in the Indian subcontinent by targeting the cost conscious consumers but India rejected its proposal as it was against its “Make in India” agenda and could have proved fatal to the Indian manufacturing industry. Already the tech giant’s rival mobile companies like Micromax and Samsung are violently protesting to the sale of used iPhones in the Indian market as it can mean an end to the Government’s “Make in India” campaign. So, the telecommunications ministry considered it best to reject the iPhone recycle plan and maintain peace in the mobile industry.

We all love iPhones and we would give anything to show off that signature symbol on our palms. Had the Indian Government conceded to Apple’s iPhone recycle plan and allowed the company to import refurbished iPhones in India, people would have flocked to buy cheap iPhones which would have flooded the market. Thus, other national companies that are working hard to gain platform in the smartphone industry, would have suffered a set back. Thus, the telecommunications ministry deemed it best to reject the proposal. The Apple officials refused to comment on the same.


What is the telecommunications ministry saying?

According to NN Kaul, a spokesperson of the telecom ministry, India does not allow dumping of waste or already used materials. Apple’s iPhone recycle plan was based on exporting used iPhones to India which would have contradicted this approach and this is the reason why it was rejected. Furthermore, the government is also boosting its Make in India campaign to enhance competitiveness in its manufacturing industry and import of used Apple iPhones is strictly against this principle. Keeping all these factors into consideration, the telecom ministry decided to reject Apple’s iPhone recycle plan for the benefit of national manufacturing unit.

Why did Apple decide to use the Indian smartphone market in the first place?

Apple's iPhone Recycle Plan

India’s smartphone market is soaring in leaps and bounds. It has already reached 24.4. million, an increase of 12% percent in 2016 which is a huge scope to invest in it. Thus, Apple saw in it a great opportunity to flag its iPhone sales in a country where US electronic devices are suffering a general set back against the top vendors of the mobile market like Micromax, Samsung, Lenovo, Intex and Lava. However, Apple’s iPhone recycle plan to sell used iPhones strictly contradict the basic rules of the Indian Government that doesn’t allow dumping of used electronics in the market. So, if Apple needs to invest in the Indian mobile market, it has to think of a better plan of action.

What is the current status of Apple iPhone market in India?

Apple contributes to about 2% of iPhone sales in the Indian mobile market. The sale of iPhones have increased in 2016 by 56% mainly because of the cheaper old generation devices like the iPhone 5S but the newer devices like iPhone SE has not seen much growth in sales. Apple stands only second to Lenovo’s 63% growth in the list of top 10 mobile vendors in the country. It is said that Apple is all set to challenge Samsung’s smartphone market. Also, Apple is planning to set up its own store in India with the approval of the government, of course.

Although Apple’s initial iPhone recycle plan in the Indian mobile market has suffered a blow, but this should not be taken as a lost game. Apple still has huge scope to fare well in the India market as Indian people love the brand. So, are you thinking of buying the latest Apple iPhone? Why should you choose Apple over others? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below. Have a great day!

True Customer Feedback For Your Startup: Why Is It Important?

True Customer Feedback

For a business, customer feedback and customer survey are two of the most important factors that determine its success. As an entrepreneur, true customer feedback is the single most important necessity for your business, because any product needs to have a feedback from customers, even the potential ones.

A true customer feedback and survey are the methods that are used to find out whether an existing product has been well received by the target customer base. The purpose of such a feedback is great, as it finds out the pros and cons of an old product, as well as determines the market condition and customer acceptability to a new product which is in the conceptualization phase. Startups often ignore the necessity of feedback from customers as they generally have extreme confidence upon their “innovative” ideas. 95% of the startups fail within the first 5 years of their launch since they fail to follow customer demands and feedback, which can only be gathered via surveys.


There are various ways that a true customer feedback survey can propel your startup towards success. These are:

It makes you understand your product

While your product is still in the ideation stage, carrying out a true customer feedback survey will give you a realistic insight into your product’s pros and cons. You need to step out, make teams to do so, and arrange for other media to carry out a survey as to how the potential customer base would accept your product. Having a feedback as to what the market actually needs will only make you understand where all you need to put your effort on.

Try and avoid mistakes that may prove costly

Faulty market surveys can effectively prove fatal for your startup. A true customer feedback report is necessary before investing in a new product. A great market survey together with valuable customer feedback tells you whether your existing product is heartily welcomed by the customers, or it requires some changes.

Importance Of True Customer Feedback

During the mid 1980s, Coca Cola introduced a new sweeter version of Coke, named the “New Coke”. This wasn’t well received by people, and they lost millions of dollars before reverting back to the original version. All this because of a faulty survey that showed people were more interested in the newer version. Normally, big companies can overcome losses like this, however if the same thing happens to a startup, it’s as good as dead. So a true customer feedback is necessary before any venture.

Develop great customer-centric products

For an entrepreneur, an idea may hold a special place is his/her heart. Sometimes their love for these “innovative” ideas is so much that they tend to forget about the customer base they are hoping to serve, and their actual needs. A true customer feedback survey can point out what exactly the customers want, and what are they not getting from the current market. It also tells you whether you need to apply some tweaks in order to make your product conform to their needs. This is best done during the ideation stage, since then your investment would not be a waste.

When it comes to feedback from customers, nothing can beat it if it is properly followed. Creating feedback loops through online surveys and post purchase surveys work great, as your product is reviewed and you get the actual picture as to how your product has been welcomed by the customers. Any change in responses from existing customers would signal an anomaly, which you can always rectify. A true customer feedback report can do wonders if worked on the flaws that the report tells of.

Every single firm must listen to their customers, and their needs and wants. More so if the firm concerned is a startup. That’s because startups usually have fewer resources and investors at their disposal than large business houses that can overcome a product debacle. Startups need to actively engage in generating true customer feedback before, during and after the product has been launched. No one would buy your product if they don’t need it, and that’s what a feedback tells you. A great feedback survey report should tell you that you may be in for a surge in the target base. Also, accepting feedback makes your customers believe that you truly care for their needs and actually want to hear their complaints, if any.

So, as an entrepreneur, you should be constantly in touch with your target base as well as the market, and maintain your focus on ideas that deliver some value to the customers, since when it comes down to selling your product, customers do have the final say.


Vivaldi Browser Review : Boost Your Browsing Experience With Elegant Features

Vivaldi Browser

The Opera creators are back yet with another browser for the web, the one and only, Vivaldi browser, whose clean interface is being loved by users from all over. You may find some similarities with Google Chrome in terms of speed and rendering style which is due to the fact that both are built on the Chromium platform. Jon von Tetzchner, the Opera CEO is leading the new project and his basic aim is to boost the key features of the existing Opera browser as well as add some new ones like mail built ins and keyboard commands to boost the overall experience. The new features are still not here as of yet. But the Vivaldi browser is richer and better even without them. You can say the browser is in its beta stage and the developers are working hard on it. You will get the features soon but for now, you have to be satisfied with the core browser.

Unlike many browsers, Vivaldi does not compromise customization abilities for easy handling. You can easily arrange and rearrange elements on screen umpteen times without making it look cluttered and messy. The cross-platform browser is available for Linux and Mac apart from Windows thus making all Linux users quite happy to get a web browser that caters to their needs. The basic objective of the browser is to move beyond all conventions to provide a top grade time efficient experience to all its users. Let us now delve deeper into the extensive features offered by the Vivaldi browser so as to make sure that this is the right browser for you.


Speed Dials

Vivaldi allows you to create as many thumbnail speed dials as you want. Unlike other browsers which choose thumbnails at random, the Vivaldi browser helps you to add your own thumbnails from bookmarks, history or manual typing of URLs. Thus, you can customize your browsing experience according to your needs and preferences. Furthermore, you can also create folders where you can keep more thumbnails. You can name those folders according to the contents inside them so that you can find your preferred sites immediately.

Easy access of bookmarks and history tabs

You can access the bookmarks and history tabs from the same screen as that of speed dials. There are two different sections for history and bookmarks and you can access each individually. You can do a lot of things with the folders, arrange and rearrange them according to your convenience and also add bookmarks from other browsers. Amazing, right? The customization options that you are going to get with the Vivaldi browser are unmatched.

Sort websites to the left panel

Vivaldi Browser Review

You can sort websites that you wish to track to the left while you are working on something else. Thus the Vivaldi browser provides you the scope to multitask without the need to go from tab to tab searching for websites you wish to track. All you have to do is to click on the web page you are browsing currently and select the option “Add as Panel”. Thus you can keep a track of your Facebook profile while working on your project without any hassle.

Stack and tile websites in the browser

Too many tabs on your screen and you do not know what to do with them? Stack them up and tile them horizontally or vertically according to your preference. This is immensely helpful if you are researching on something.

Add as notes

Type or select text to add as note in the Vivaldi browser. The notes bar is at the left. You can type something into it or you can simply add text by select a portion of text from the web pages you are browsing, right click on it and select “Add as Note” to make a note of it. This is extremely useful for making research papers or writing articles. You can use this note as a reference later.

All in all, you will feel that the browser retains many of the features that Opera provides. But if you are looking forward to an enhanced customized experience, then it is the right browser for you. The Vivaldi browser will make you feel that you can make the most use of your time without cluttering your web screen with tabs and windows. So are you ready to download this new browser and utilize its features to enhance your browsing experience? Let us know what you think about Vivaldi in the comments section below. Have a marvelous day!

Apple Lost Trademark Battle To Chinese Company

Apple Lost Trademark

Apple has already understood the vitality of securing its intellectual properties long ago and that is exactly why it registered the “iPhone” name in China in the year 2002 even before a lot of the company’s engineers knew that their employer was developing the device in discretion. However, even the legal prudence of Apple couldn’t outsmart the brutal trademark squatters of the country. Yes, Apple lost trademark to Xintong Tiandi, a Chinese company.

The government of China has allowed that Xintong Tiandi Technology, an apparel company, to make wallets, phone cases and purses branded with “iPhone” word after Apple lost trademarkon 31st of March, as the website of Xintong Tiandi states.


The company registered to obtain the trademark in the month of September in 2007, which is interesting, as 2007 was the year Apple released the iPhones to the market. Apple had got the same name registered in the month of October in 2002 in China. But since Apple made computers and Xintong Company made leather products, Chinese authorities granted both of them the right to use the name. According to Legal Daily, Apple started persuading for legal actions against the other company in the year 2012.

If you’re thinking of it, nope! An “i” in a lowercase won’t differ between the two, as Quartz reports.

Apple Lost Trademark To Xintong Tiandi

China thinks Xintong Tiandi wouldn’t harm the interests of Apple, putting forward an argument that none in the country would actually think all handbags were designed by Calf, Cupertino Company. Maybe Apple could receive it as a compliment for its distinctive and special design.

The leather product website page has also got a separate page wherein the resolution of the dispute can be discussed, through which the Tiandi Company hopes to join with Apple to reap benefits of the shared names.

The brand of Apple was around 125 billion dollars’ worth in the year 2014, as per the US Trademark Office and Patent. But the episode in which Apple lost trademark to Tiandi company shows even the strongest brand cannot get away with blatant copycats.


How To Use Pinterest To Boost Your Lagging Business

How To Use Pinterest

If Pinterest is used to its extent, then it proves to be healthier for your business than other networks. Pinterest is a beautiful tool for promoting your business and marketing it online to drive the most of the traffic to your website. The job of Pinterest in social media is worth mentioning. Pinterest is a big social network through which users share contents visually such as photos and videos. In Pinterest users pin up the images or videos on the pin board. From any other websites, users can pin the articles or pictures to the pin board of Pinterest. In this article we would discuss in detail how to use Pinterest to give a boost to your business.

People mostly believe what they see through their eyes. And sharing visual content of your business is the best way to catch attention. Pictures and videos speak a lot more than your written content because it is easy to understand and take less time. It is a brilliant idea to promote your business through sharing pictures and videos on Pinterest. There is a large profit by advertising your business through this particular network. Now you must be particularly excited to know how to use Pinterest for your business!


In this article of mine, I will share a few points how to use Pinterest to give life to your lagging business.

Craft pins linked to your trade

Produce pin boards that directly relate to your business. Pin up articles and news updates relating to your business. Pin up every interesting post you make on your own website to the Pinterest. Attach the URL of your website with your pin board too. The maximum number of Pinterest pins is around 2 lakhs and it is obvious that you will never be in a situation of overboard by pinning your posts and articles on Pinterest.

Always find a way to pin something related to your business directly in priority or else indirectly. Try analyzing the user’s pattern of using the Pinterest and pin boards that they find interesting. Always post what users love to see. Even to attract the right mass you need to know how to use Pinterest. Try pinning random pictures that attract your users and speak something on the pictures relating to your business. Always find out ideas that are funny and funky to get the most traffic.

Work hard to create uniqueness in the pin board so that users find it worth taking a look. Give maximum interest on the title of the board and also their explanations. Very cleverly add your keywords to the title and then make sure the title really looks eye-catching. With each image or video you pin, put some hash-tags of keywords relating to your business and give a beautiful description of your board.

Do not forget mentioning other social media websites too

Whenever you pin on Pinterest make sure you link it with other networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. By doing this, you are able to reach the people who are not using Pinterest but are present in any of the social networking sites. This way you will be able to reach the maximum crowd.

Know How To Use Pinterest

Make sure you add all the true and valid information about your website when signing up with Pinterest. Because once you register with Pinterest, it will verify your website and allow you to use only if the verification turns out to be positive. Try having a plug-in of your site to the social media networks including Pinterest.

Install the option of ‘pin it’ to all the contents of your website so that when any viewer sees the content on your website, they can pin it to Pinterest so that the Pinterest users can have access to it. This results in gaining more promotion for your lagging business which will definitely bring more and more customers to you.

Always go for organic content

Make sure you do not pick someone else’s content to pin up on Pinterest. It is important to understand this before you learn how to use Pinterest. Make your own content and make sure it is maximum percent unique. While pinning the content add a watermark of your brand name so that no one else can corrupt and use your image. You can also re-pin content pinned by other users. Obviously, that will result in increasing communication but you won’t be able to advertise your website through their content. So always concentrate on posting newer and original content. Never pin all your posts in one glance and then wait for a long interval of time for the next pin. Instead of it, try pinning one after another with a proper and uniform gap between the pins. It will result in a uniform flow of the pins and reflects constancy.

Follow others and let them follow you

In order to make people follow your pin-boards, first make sure that you are very social, you also follow others and you know how to use Pinterest. Make use of this social network regularly and follow useful and relevant people and website and try making connections with them too. Make more connections with people that are more towards your same kind of business field. Through good relations, you will be able to maintain trustworthy and loyal relationships. Try making an attempt to connect with people using each single pin you do.

Do best in your pins and follow the best people you can and then you will definitely see that the number of followers following your business also increases. This large increase of followers will improve the number of your old and new customers. Once you create a good reputation about your business even the lost customers will take interest to come back and your lagging business will raise with high improvements and definitely success will come back to your business once again.